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Lady GaGa - Background - Early days and career beginning

Lady Gaga (born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is an American singing artist and songwriter, who originated in New York City, USA. She was born on March 28 1986, and is the eldest of two children of lower-class Italian-American parents Joseph Germanotta and Cynthia Bissett. By the age of just four, GaGa had learned how to play the piano by ear, at eleven she sang along to a plastic tape recorder she had received as a gift from her father. She wrote her first piano ballad at thirteen, and started performing at open mic nights at local pubs when she turned fourteen. The artist attended Convent of the Sacred Heart when she was eleven, a private all girl school located in Manhattan. Gaga described her High School life as very “dedicated”, “studious”, “disciplined”, however somewhat “insecure”, which may have been in result of her provocative and outlandish sense of style where she was made fun of and felt that she didn’t “fit in”. She began playing in the rock scenes of New York City’s lower East at the age of 17, as well as enrolling in New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, in which she was one in twenty kids in the World to be granted admission at such a young age. Studying a variety of subjects, such as art, politics and social issues, Gaga also began improving her song writing abilities, composing essays and perfecting her analytic skills, whilst she remained focused on music. During her sophomore years at the school, by the time the second semester had come around, she had dropped out to follow her passion for singing. Her dad offered to lend her money to rent an apartment for a year, in which she eventually found. However, it was conditioned that she’d have to agree that if she was unsuccessful with her music, she would have to return to the school of arts to continue her studies. Quoted by Gaga: "I left my entire family, got the cheapest apartment I could find, and ate shit until somebody would listen" Soon after She was signed to her first record label Def Jam, when she had turned 19. She lasted three months, before being dropped by the label.

Gaga was introduced to song producer RedOne, by her previous record company. It was here where she was able to record her first track “BoysBoysBoys” The next couple of years saw Gaga portraying her musical career, working with different producers and performing in a range of locales, including underneath a liquor store in New Jersey, where she became the face of the lower-east club scene. The Lady was also involved in drug-intake at this time, claiming it was for experimental purposes, where she became a temporary addict, causing a disturbance between her father and herself. There have been countless rumours concerning this matter explaining that she use to take drugs before a show as it would enhance her peformance. Rob Fusari, who had been working with GaGa assisting her with song-writing for earlier songs at the time, recognized her vocal range and compared it to that of Freddie Mercury’s. It was now where Lady Gaga was prompted to find herself a stage name, and in relation to the Queen song “Radio Ga Ga”, she had received a text message from Fusari that unintentionally read “Lady Gaga” due to “autocorrect” in which Radio was somehow changed to GaGa. The name automatically clicked for the singer, and she then demanded to never be referred to as Stefani again, but rather, Lady Gaga. This conception however, was stated incorrect by numerous publicists such as the “New York Post”.

Lady Starlight (Left), Lady GaGa (right)

Throughout the year of 2007, the woman now known as Lady GaGa was resigned to Def Jam recordings, where again nothing worthwhile occurred on her part . Ultimately it was pop-rap star Akon who appreciated her singing ability and style, so therefore signed her to his own label Kon live which was associated with Interscope Records, who then took her under their wing. GaGa was also associated with performance and make-up artist Lady Starlight, where the two collaborated and performed numerous shows together, overall receiving positive reviews from critics.

Additionally signed with Interscope, Gaga was preparing the launch of her solo career, while she was working as a songwriter for other artists as well as herself. In April 2008, her debut single known as “Just Dance” was released to Worldwide radio, gathering momentum generally in the later half of the year, with the help of her full-lengthed album “The Fame” being released. The song charted well in most countries, peaking at “1” in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Ireland. Following the success of “Just Dance”, Lady GaGa came to be known as a World famous singing sensation, sparking worldwide media attention, and most importantly her career was off to an mind-blowing start.

As of today, Lady GaGa is considered as one of the World's most influential women of all time, and is most definitely a competitor for the "Queen of Pop" title, especially in the 21st Century. She's been thrashing the scene since her debut in early 2008, and has left a sometimes controversial, yet unforgettable mark of diligence and wonder. She really teaches us to just be ourselves, and to not be frightened to indulge in what we love. She is certainly a true inspiration to so many young people, and of course anyone who is still finding their place in the World.


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