Saturday, August 7, 2010

Music Style and Influences – Song writing –

Lady GaGa has been inspired by many other artists, and has therefore evidently carried these influences out in her work of art, fashion and expression. Being a fan of 70’s glam rock artist’s such as David Bowie and Queen, and pop icons including Madonna, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson, has truly directed the singer where to go, and how she wants to be perceived in the music industry. GaGa even created her name in relation to the song “Radio GaGa” by Queen. "I adored Freddie Mercury and Queen had a hit called 'Radio Gaga'. That's why I love the name... Freddie was unique – one of the biggest personalities in the whole of pop music”, GaGa commented. Madonna had told ‘Rolling Stone’ that she can see herself in Lady GaGa after comparisons were made between the two. Lady GaGa’s ambition is to revolutionise Pop music, and to achieve a positive translation of freedom and art to her young fans, through her music. Lady GaGa is also partially inspired by Elton John, Grace Jones, Blondie and Debbie Harry.

       Britney Spears
Gaga’s vocal range is diverse, and has been effectively popular and successful throughout her career, and has delectably pleased her fans suiting her choices and genre of music. It has often been compared to Madonna and Gwen Stefani, and her music bounding or outlining 80’s and 90’s europop. “The Fame”, the singer’s debut album was reviewed as a piece of art, consisting of art, fashion and technology, especially displayed at her live shows. Lady Gaga has made her own place in the pop industry, and is now an iconic face of Pop, referred to as unique and a need for mainstream popular culture. Many critics have labeled Gaga as a dance club and radio breakthrough, with her music played frequently, and seemingly never gets too old. Gaga is known for being somewhat of a “show off”, and having an eccentric vocabulary, or using quirky phrases, particularly when being interviewed. Gaga has identified Fashion as a major influence of her style. She stated that the fashion creates a powerful image, and that it brings everything together to create the real story.

Lady GaGa’s music has also at times been inherently subjective, sparking worldwide attention and controversial disputes. Although Gaga defends her work calling it “beautiful” and “exotic”, and not to mention original. She also refers to her fans as “little monster’s” relative to components of and the love for her music, which is an additional way of making her feel more connected to her fans. GaGa has explained how supportive she is of the gay community, which makes up a large portion of her fan base, and how they have always been there for her, and they truly inspire her work and to continue accomplishing her dreams. She stated that her music video “Alejandro” was a celebration of gay love, and the strength and courage they require to be together. Lady Gaga is focused on what she can achieve, and not of what others expect of her.

Lady Gaga is also a songwriter, and initially began her career writing songs for other artists, including “Quicksand” which was written for Britney Spears for her “Circus” album. The singer began writing songs at a young age, and has since developed her skills revealing them through her song production. Gaga has presented majority of her songs writing them solo, with minimal assistance, mainly only with collaborations or by other means. She has a burning passion for writing, and can compose an entire song in minutes she says, including “Lovegame” which was inspired by her sexual attraction to a guy she met at a night club, claiming she wrote the song in a mere four minutes. Lady Gaga is constantly writing music, even whilst she’s on tour travelling, meeting new people, or simply exploring new places and ideas/topics, and would prefer to work in the studio on new songs than go out drinking and partying she announced. Lady Gaga is inspired to write about certain experiences she has encountered, or particular personal ideas, and then translating them in her songs. For example: Her first studio album “The Fame” was about love, fame and sexuality, while her second studio album “The Fame Monster”, promoted a deeper more personal meaning, describing the singer’s fears.

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